Make Climate A Class!

Spring 2024 Goals:

1.)   Participate in the "Worldwide Teach-In on Climate & Justice" during the week of April 1 - 8, 2024 to #MakeClimateAClass by partnering with climate-concerned faculty on Coalition campuses

#MakeClimateAClass: The Basic Model

This model asks all climate-concerned faculty on campus– from artists to philosophers to scientists– to spend 30 minutes on climate in their classes. Again, these are not climate experts—just climate concerned teachers. 

Climate change touches every field—from artists to business professors, philosophers to scientists. Our courses can inspire students to see how they can be leaders in the critical work ahead to stabilize the climate. 

Class Examples:

Here's How:

This is an easy way for faculty to focus on climate from a career perspective, helping young people who are interested in psychology see how they could be a climate psychologist; how a musician could be a climate musician; or how a business student could work on business climate solutions!

Calling all Faculty & Staff!

Help us #MakeClimateAClass during Earth Week 2024!